Getting Studio Personal

The fact that I have a studio, a dedicated space for art, is still uppermost in my mind. I’m very grateful. But I’m still working on arranging things to be most conducive for working. Materials need to be easily accessible– easy to put away, yet easy to find. There must be open space to perform several different operations. I need a big flat file. Usually what happens is: … Continue reading Getting Studio Personal

Paper Endures: Reasons to Keep Writing on Paper

Millennials start the year with paper diaries and notebooks This article from last year suggests that people still want physical paper journals. Surprisingly, even many Millennials prefer to keep a pen and paper handy along with the digital tools they carry. It’s an interesting read and features fascinating excerpts from the personal journals of four young creatives. I recently helped to empty my mother’s home of all contents before it … Continue reading Paper Endures: Reasons to Keep Writing on Paper