What’s Up with Maddy Tree Books

First, recent happenings, then my show schedule, then some pictures. I’ve done a bit of professional development this spring and summer. Last weekend I very much enjoyed a paper marbling workshop hosted by Leslie Grossman of algae.marbling at her studio in Philly. Did I learn a lot! I had despaired of ever learning how to marble paper for some time. I could not find anyone … Continue reading What’s Up with Maddy Tree Books

What’s Inside My Books?

What is inside of the books I make? The books are blank, meaning all the paper is blank paper. They are drawing journals, sketchbooks, writer’s journals, travel journals…blank slates so that they can be anything you would like them to be. In addition to the sketch paper, most books have at least a few pages of another paper which is toothier, differently colored, or of … Continue reading What’s Inside My Books?