Workspace Ramblings (with pix)

I have applied to my first juried craft show.  It will take place in September but judging is taking place about NOW. My only fear is that I don’t have enough stuff on my etsy, or that the judges won’t look around the site.  The fact is, my stock there is low but it’s because I’ve SOLD a bunch.  So I hope they look on the expired and the sold out listings to get a better sense of what I make.

So I am working, trying to build up my stock. But more importantly, I am intentionally progressing: I’m improving quality and trying new things creatively. I have idea lists, list of new book forms, lists of new bindings.  I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to try them all. And new ideas come every day.

Because of this, I’m not sure if others would say I have a brand yet. So far my thing is a modified (not strictly traditional) Japanese binding softcover blank book.  I love the form because it’s quick and easy, because it’s easy to get it right as long as I am very precise and methodical in building the book structure, and because it allows me to do almost anything with the cover.  So the book is the blank canvas, and the cover is the work of art. For both the book and the cover I must stay focused, mindful.

At the same time, this has always been fun and therapeutic, which is why I’m not in a hurry to progress to hardcovers.  That’s stressful.

By the way, I have one particular book on my etsy site which has been “favorited” at least five times.  I do wish someone would just buy the thing.  It only costs $7.

This is my old workspace.  I post it because this is what it typically looks like when I’m working but still taking time to stay organized.


I don’t have a picture of my workspace when I am not trying to stay organized while I’m working.Then there is no order and I have to shove piles of cut papers out of the way to cut other papers and spend a lot of time just locating my Xacto which I put down 30 seconds ago. The actual work area increasingly cramped. Of course you don’t stop to take pictures.

Here is my new workspace, newly relocated to the kitchen, and then newly reclaimed from my daughter, who is just finished her semester as an art major.


Neat. Orderly. Space to work. Aaaah.


I like to look at other people’s workspaces.  I thought you might too.  Here it was when my daughter had moved in. She’s a rather organized creator (but very creative)!


I am busy now, and really enjoying it.  I hope I am accepted to the show; it will motivate me a lot.  But if I’m not, I’ll keep doing this anyway.




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