Respect Your Process

Fellow artists and crafters, is there a rhythm to your work process? My process is getting in the way!

When things work you just know it.  This stripe on that cover really pops! Everything you do is magic. Well, that’s not where I am now.

We went into Philly and visited Blick Art Supply on Chestnut Street. Just ahhhh.  And I bought a lot of large beautiful papers for covers, and some nice interior papers.

I finally had my supplies but I could not seem to comprehend the next step.  I played around with this color on that color, even glued some things, but everything seemed flat. Maybe, I thought, I just need to get back into the zone, back into a momentum.  Then things would start to look right.

I just cannot think past that pile of almost-complete books over there. The one which need finishing up. They need filler paper, corners, and sewing up.

Just two of many.
Just two of many.

And so when I try to work on the many things I want to try next, the creative fun part, something in my brain just won’t go there. In spite of what I want, I also have to sense the completion of the last batch before I can freely move on. It’s happened this way several times before, but I tend to forget.

I have to admit, too, that I am a process-oriented artist.  When I was a fine arts major, when I was a painter, it was all about process.  That is really what drove my work.

But I also feel overwhelmed. I can feel the deadline of the show date coming now and there’s a lot I want to make.  I’m trying out a lot of new things.

My confusion visualized.
My confusion visualized.

I guess I will spend today doing the drudge part.  Measuring, cutting, gluing, sewing.  But there are worse jobs, and I need to respect my process. I actually will enjoy it.

What’s your process like?


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