Catching Up


My own old book, used much. I show prosoective buyers how it’s weathered but still quite sturdy and intact.


I haven’t posted here for a long time. To catch up, I’ve been in several shows/fairs and I loved being there. I particularly enjoyed Lansdowne Arts Festival in September 2015. I learned a LOT from my neighbor crafters, all of whom were more experienced and professional than I. Also, they are every one very nice people who were not stingy with useful advice and encouragement.

When I was packing up and assessing for that show, I noticed something important and quite encouraging. I don’t have any old books in my inventory. In other words, given time, I have sold everything I have made until my recent work.  I don’t have anything that’s very old.

The last picture is my own much-used 5 year-old book. I show it to prospective customers. It’s weathered but still sturdy and intact.


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