This is What I Make



This is what I make. It’s full of blank papers which artists like to draw on. It’s got an image or some piece of art on the cover so that it’s pleasant to look at. It’s a handy size. I make some as small as 1″ by 2″ and some as large as about 10″ by 12″. This type of book is called a Japanese-binding, or stab-bound book.

It’s sturdier than you might think, even though it’s made entirely of paper with a little embroidery thread stitching it together. I have a few which I made in art school over 30 years ago, still perfectly functional. I have one very roughly used one which is full of ticket stubs and notes and sketches which is six years old. It is also intact and functional though it has acquired a comfortable well-used patina and bunged corners.


I can fill this type of book with any kind of paper. I have some with pastel/charcoal paper, some with watercolor paper, some with an assortment of higher-end drawing papers, some with your basic sketchbook paper and manila. You can have a book with lined paper as well.

This can be a sketchbook, an art journal, a writing journal, a scrapbook, a notebook. It can be whatever kind of book you’d like. My tiny books are made thick because that makes them great flipbooks. The one request I make to all owners: please use this book. It’s not too pretty or too special or too fragile. It’s made to be used and made more valuable because of the things you fill it with.






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