Building and Rebuilding

It’s satisfying to take an older book, cut through the thread tying together the binding, dismantle, and rebuild it. I can improve the look of a book if I’ve had it around long enough to see how it could be better. Or maybe there’s a tiny flaw and I just cannot stand to offer the book for sale without fixing it. Maybe–horrors–a book has developed a bent corner in packing and transit. That cover must be replaced.

Over time, I have tried to improve the quality of my craftsmanship and the quality of my materials. Sometimes I take a book I made a couple of years ago and upgrade it. So I’m taking apart my large tree books and filling them with higher grade papers, sometimes re-mounting the tree collage in a more interesting frame.

Here are some recent rebuilds. Several more are in the works.

Here are some new books.


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