Getting Studio Personal

DSC04852The fact that I have a studio, a dedicated space for art, is still uppermost in my mind. I’m very grateful.

But I’m still working on arranging things to be most conducive for working. Materials need to be easily accessible– easy to put away, yet easy to find. There must be open space to perform several different operations. I need a big flat file. Usually what happens is: growing piles of remnants of the work I’m doing gradually encroaching on the workable space.

So this is the latest arrangement. I’ll let you know. I am an inveterate re-arranger in the rest of my life too, always looking for that perfect situation that really works.

(Walls to be repainted neutral in future.)

And here are a few things in process. Covers with collages must be pressed for several days at least. (Note book-book press on far right above.)





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