A Few New Things

First a few pictures of new books.


Saturday was oven hot here because of humidity as high as it could be without rain. Nevertheless I had a great experience at Swarthmore Farmers Market, which is as successful a community market as you can find. I was privileged to be included and it went well.

Craftspeople are generous with advice and support. Some new opportunities came my way out of the blue. If they pan out, I’ll tell you about them!


Here’s a question for you experienced craftsmen, though. What do you do about customers damaging your stuff? These types of books are remarkably sturdy but they are made of paper, of course, so they are liable to damage if hands are dirty. Of course they must be in pristine condition when they leave my hands.

Do you say something? Do you insist the browser buy the items?

I am thinking about two solutions. One: to put each book in a plastic envelope. But I think this might make people more hesitant to buy if they can’t handle and examine the books.
Two: put a sign on my display saying that if you damage a book, you buy it. That might be off-putting, and it may suggest that the books are more fragile than they are.

The third solution is for me to consider this rare occurrence part of the cost of doing business. What do you think?


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