Yesterday I attended a workshop: Papermaking with Local Invasive Plants at Paper Think Tank in Philly. My goal was to come away with some interesting handmade paper for probable use in making my books. (I have used up all of my handmade paper from all workshops, classes and homemade!) The paper pulps were made from knotweed, Japanese mugwort and Philly Kozo, and Japanese honeysuckle with some abaca. I’m very interested to see what my paper looks like after drying. Hopefully I made several sheets that I can use with my books, and even if not, I will have some nice papers to enjoy looking at on my studio wall.

Next: I am finishing a few books early this week to be consigned at a brand-new gallery shop in Swarthmore, Gallery on Park. There will be a grand opening celebration in early September. The owner has selected from three types of covers: tree papercuttings, origami, and trees with marbled paper. The paper comes from George K. Huber, a neighborhood man who happens to be a paper-marbler artisan! There may also be a few books with watercolor covers by Harry Lang.

Next Saturday I will be the Artist-of-the-Week at the very vibrant Lansdowne Farmers’ Market. In addition, I am finishing a commission/order which ended up requiring a lot of design trial-and-error. That’s done now except to assemble, so it will be off to the buyer soon.

The rest of this week, I will be making as many books as I can for Lansdowne Arts on the Avenue festival on September 9. That’s only two weeks away, all covers must be pressed for about a week to avoid warping, and so that gives me this week to design all the covers I want to have for my books on festival day. LAOTA is my favorite event as a craft vendor and I’m so looking forward to it.


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